Free website review

Free website review

Marketing doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out “what’s working” in marketing? Do you feel like hours disappear as you try to tackle social media, marketing emails, blog posts, and website tasks?

Promoting your business consistently can feel frustrating. But without it, growth and sales slow down (or stop).

At Fresh Coast Creative, we help business owners like you tell your brand story with marketing that works so that your company grows and your valuable services reach more people.

When small business leaders put clear & consistent marketing into action,
their company grows faster.

Ways we can work together:

Brand Messaging

Develop a clear brand message so customers listen and buy.

Brand Identity Design

High-end design that boosts your brand’s value.


Start getting more sales online.

Lead Generators

Get more leads and nurture them into clients on autopilot.


Use the right words to connect with your audience and inspire them to take action.

Marketing Strategy

A dedicated marketing team to fuel business growth (without the cost of hiring in-house).

Sonja Jobson



I’m no stranger to the overwhelm that comes with growing a small business. In the beginning, you’re responsible for so many roles. When you’re busy serving clients and keeping your business afloat, marketing is one of the first things to fall off the agenda.

But what happens when you wrap up projects and catch your breath? Without consistent marketing, leads slow down. Relying on referrals can be frustrating. You’d love a predictable stream of clients coming into your business, but you’re burnt out trying to keep up with all the marketing activities you “should” be doing.

Marketing your business shouldn’t be so complicated (or time-consuming or ineffective). We have a simple plan that can remove the marketing stress from your days and increase the leads and sales you bring in.

Here’s how to get started:


Step 1: Schedule a free consultation

We dig into what’s working in your business and where you’re losing leads and sales. Then we’ll give you a plan to fix it.


Step 2: Build your project

Follow our recommended project plan or mix-n-match the services you need for the perfect package. We’ll help you build a project that fits your goals and budget.


Step 3: Watch your business grow

Gain traction with your marketing, increase sales and spend more time focusing on what you do best.