Free website review

Free website review

StoryBrand is a marketing framework that is proven to help businesses grow.

We help you implement StoryBrand in your business so you can reach more customers, increase revenue, and grow your company.

Get more leads from your website.

Turn browsers into buyers with a sales funnel.

Increase revenue + get rid of marketing overwhelm.

You know that implementation is the key to StoryBrand success, but finding the time to build your sales funnel is a struggle. We can help.

Step #1 – Schedule a StoryBrand Consultation

We’ll meet up on Zoom (or in-person if you’re local!) to talk through what’s working in your business, what’s not, and where you might be losing leads and sales. Then, we’ll create a plan to fix it by implemented the StoryBrand framework.

Step #2 – Streamline Your Marketing Plan

All of our projects start with a Marketing Strategy phase. This sets a strong foundation and a clear direction so that all of your marketing becomes more effective.

We work through a business questionnaire and two 90-minute strategy sessions. At the end of this phase, you’ll receive your Marketing Guide, which outlines your core marketing messages and your marketing action plan.

Step #3 – Build Your StoryBrand Sales Funnel

With a clear marketing strategy in place, we’ll build a complete sales funnel for your business. A full sales funnel project can include…

  • Website (copywriting + design and development)
  • Lead Generating PDF (copywriting + design)
  • Automated Email Sales Sequence
  • On-going marketing support (your Fractional CMO)

*Don’t need the whole package? You can customize your project.

Step #4 – Grow your business

  • Save time
  • Increase leads & sales
  • Grow your revenue
  • Focus your energy on what you do best

Marketing your business shouldn’t be so complicated (or time-consuming or ineffective). 

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, my job is to help you get a return on investment for every dollar you spend on marketing. 

With a clear message and marketing plan, you save time, increase revenue, and grow your business. We can’t wait to help make that happen for you!

Sonja Jobson
Founder, Fresh Coast Creative  & StoryBrand Certified Guide

Getting started is easy.


Step 1: Schedule a free consultation

We dig into what’s working in your business and where you’re losing leads and sales. Then we’ll give you a plan to fix it.


Step 2: Build your project

Follow our recommended project plan or mix-n-match the services you need for the perfect package. We’ll help you build a project that fits your goals and budget.


Step 3: Watch your business grow

Gain traction with your marketing, increase sales and spend more time focusing on what you do best.

Case Study: About Profit

We helped About Profit combine two wings of their business under one brand, and create a modern, lead-generating website to promote it. We handled StoryBrand marketing strategy, copywriting, design, and development.

Case Study: Dr. Sue McCreadie

We worked with Dr. Sue McCreadie to boost appointment bookings for her pediatric medical practice. Her project included StoryBrand Marketing Strategy, copywriting, WordPress Design and, Brand Style Guide.